project description

Project descrition

The Danish distribution network is currently facing a number of challenges with a greater introduction of electronic devices such as solar PV systems and heat pumps that potentially provides problems for the operators in their daily operation of distribution networks. ‘Smart meters’ have the potential to provide an extremely important insight into the condition of the distribution networks.

The main idea in this project is to make smart meter data available to operators so they can exploit them for their daily operational needs and planning. The main challenges are partly 1) collecting large amounts of data from the ‘smart meters’ that are consistent with the real world and 2) to avoid the incompleteness of the data which may occur because of errors in communication, legislation about sensitive personal data or cyber-attacks. These factors contribute to the degrading of the quality and integrity of data, making it less useful.

This project focuses on developing a system to collect, visualize and use data from ‘smart meters’, and evaluate this system in

  • A test bed focused on cyber-attacks and management of grid assets, and
  • A field test with focus on visualization and operational use of hte data.

The project is supported by through the ForskEL-program, which is funded by the PSO tax. The program aims to provide support for research, development and demonstration projects necessary for the use of environmentally friendly power generation technologies, including development of an environmentally friendly and safe electricity system.