The reseachgroup for Wireless Communication Networks (WCN) focuses on teaching, research and innovation within the domain of wireless and wired communication and network technologies. The research field spans from the lowest to the highest layers in the OSI model, and from application-inspired basic research to more application-oriented where communication networks play a major role. The research objective for the WCN is to conduct scientific investigations targeted at the development of novel efficient algorithms and methods in wired and wireless communications. The methodology includes the definition and study of mathematical frameworks and concepts, computer simulation of wired and wireless networks, and experimental investigation.


The researchgroup Electric Power Systems provides knowledge and expertise in energy systems and networks. In RemoteGRID it is particularly a laboratory for Smart Energy Systems which will have an important role, as you here have the opportunity to simulate and test processes using real-time data.

The research group on business matters deals with classic commercial law issues and more specialized disciplines, which is of great concern for business in the modern information society. Compared to RemoteGRID, the Research Group / Department of Law contributes with expertise and experience in relation to law and legislation on personal data protection.

Kamstrup is a world leading provider of solutions for the measurement and management of energy and water consumption. Kamstrup's solutions are used worldwide by utilities and property managers and provides reliable and cost effective measurement. By anticipatnig customer challenges, Kamstrup provides them the oppurtunity to drive better business and inspire more intelligent and responsible solutions to the communities that they supply. Kamstrup's solutions include utility meters, remote reading systems, hosting and service, analysis and smart grid applications. All products are produced in Denmark with the highest certifications in environment and quality.

Thy-Mors Energi is a local electricity- and fibercompany with around 44,000 shareholders in Thy, Mors and Thyholm. The company expands fiber network and maintains the electricity network throughout the local area. One of its most important jobs is to ensure stable power supply with as little disruption as possible. In addition hereto, Thy-Mors Energi wants to be the area's preferred supplier.